Cable Management System – Energy & Information Connected

The Tirbyn Cable Trays, have been developed to manage information and energy cables in establishments where one can easily achieve tees, bends, risers, and crosses by using only small accessories.

High Corrosion Resistance

A robust and high corrosion resistance cable management system designed to handle bulk wires, improve aesthetics and safety in establishments. MAC steel (Zinc-Magnesium-Aluminium Coating) works well in outdoor environments. Compared to hot dipped galvanized materials, this finish receives several mutliples of mixing and bonding.
If your application is for a long-term outdoor exposure, MAC Steel is the ideal choice.

Ascent Wings

The Clenergy PV-ezRack Ascent Wings is a low ballast and rail-less system which provides optimal surface utilization and yield for structurally challenging roof with limited ballast options.

  • maximized energy production with multiple geometry options.
  • With the special design and a tilt angle of 10° and 15°.
  • Suitable for PV module up to 2180x1100mm, height from 30mm to 46mm.

Product Details

Product Details

Key Benefits

Ballast Optimized

Ballast reduction through aerodynamic optimized construction. Also tested in boundary layer wind tunnel by the independent wind tunnel test agency, to achieve optimum ventilation for maximum energy output.


Ascent Installation Video


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